Charles Woolfork Success Coaching uses a state of the art coaching program, proven to help you perform at your peak and achieve amazing results. His program utilizes his skills as a trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming and the techniques of multiple successful moguls such as Tony Robbins and Darren Hardy, which has helped millions of people change their lives. Most of all, the results of the program last a lifetime. Charles is ready to take your life to the next level. When applied correctly, coaching can produce 7x the ROI of your initial investment.1 If you have a desire to make something happen in your life, then this is for you!

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Get clear and focused on the goals and objective that will radically change your life in the next year. 


Perform at your highest potential and break through all of your limitations. Obtain the skill set and confidence to influence people. 


Charles will hold you accountable and push you to experience life to the fullest. You will adopt the mindset to remain committed to results you desire while obtaining more energy, vitality and freedom. 


Remove negative emotions and limiting beliefs that are sabotaging you from true connection and bringing to light the keys to a fulfilling relationship


Establish commitments and stability in uncertain times, and become comfortable with stepping out of your comfort zone to drive sales and profits. 


Authentically display courage, strength, passion and confidence to overcome all challenges or changes that life unexpectedly throws your way. 



Empower Your Mindset

Success is 20% mechanics and 80% psychology. If you don’t have the right mindset then your strategy for implementing it does not matter. A majority of the people allow their limiting beliefs to hold them back --- they are the biggest roadblock to success. Charles is trained to help you identify and break those patterns subconsciously. Once mental traps are identified, you can release and replace them with positive and empowering beliefs that will spring you toward achieving the results you desire. Strategies are easier to execute and results are inevitable when you adopt new psychology.

Strategic Focus

Tony Robbins always says, “Success leaves clues.” Those clues lie in their plans of actions that they execute excellently. Reduce your hurdles and reduce the trial and error processes on your journey. Save yourself the time and effort with Charles as your coach and his FIVE PRINCIPLES OF SUCCESS. Be prepared for the unexpected events life throws your way. Overcome challenges and have the strength and mindset to take massive action for real results in your life.

Massive Action

The fastest route to happiness is progress. Yet, the paths on your new journey depends upon a decision to take action. However, the fear of failure can leave you at a standstill. Fear is ok to experience but it shouldn’t stop you. Charles will help you stop detrimental patterns, effortlessly start new healthy habits and take massive actions. You’ll become comfortable being out of your comfort zone and experience real growth. Not taking action will allow your dreams to die in your mind.

Ultimate Relationships

To have a quality life means to have a quality relationship. Is it time to re-kindle the passion? Get outside of yourself. Charles can help you give up your expectations and appreciate your partner more than ever before. It’s time to go back to the desire that was present when you first met. Have a greater consciousness for love by letting go of the past and consistently being present. Single? Charles can help you breakthrough! Remove sabotaging, limiting beliefs that’s preventing you from experiencing true connection. After you change what is going on inside yourself, you will immediately get the relationship you’ve always wanted by becoming the kind of person you want to attract in your life.


What is Mental and Emotional Release® Therapy? 

Mental and Emotional Release® Therapy or (MER) is a technique developed by Dr. Matt James. Mental and Emotional Release® applies a therapeutic process to the notion of an internal memory storage system. It is by far the most effective method for creating rapid and long lasting change in behavior. The process is a method of releasing and overcoming trapped emotions such as anger, sadness, fear, guilt, shame and hurt within the mind and the body. MER it utilized to overcome procrastination, stress, depression and phobias.

The Mental and Emotional Release® process is a simple guided meditation. Charles will help you briefly and noninvasively revisit past events to allow your unconscious mind to recognize limiting beliefs that are clouding it and you will find a new way to view the event in an empowering way. Heal old wounds, forgive yourself and others and unleash an internal fortitude from deep within you. Once you release your negative emotions and limiting beliefs you will feel freedom in every aspect of your life. 

Release Negative Emotions and Limiting Beliefs on your own!

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If you’ve ever asked yourself any of the questions below, you’re in the right place:

  • How do I identify and let go of my limiting beliefs? 

  • How do I develop new habits and patterns to overcome limiting beliefs?

  • How can I improve time management and increase work performances?

  • How can I improve my relationship or attract an awesome partner?

  • How can I get lasting results in the area of life that matters most – personal growth, business, health or personal relationships?

  • How can I take massive action and commit in moments of uncertainty?

  • How can I increase my confidence and decrease stress? 

  • How can you do the personal development without going to the seminars, reading the books, struggling through changing habits and taking every course you can get your hands on?

I believe the ability to change your life and become happier, healthier, wiser, more compassionate, driven, loving and filled with the juice of life can be done faster than anyone can even imagine.

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