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" I Help My Clients Heal Their Anxiety
in 30 Days."

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Charles is a Self Talk Engineer that has helped almost 500 clients heal their emotional trauma and anxiety


Brandon Oshodin
Heals Hurt/Disappointment

Stephanny Perea
Heals Shame

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Click the pic to listen as Charles helps guests release trauma in real time on the Drop Your Baggage Podcast!

Self Talk Engineer, Charles Woolfork is a trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and uses a plethora of strategies to shift his clients to stay in a motivated and passionate state. Charles utilizes the NLP guided meditation called Mental and Emotional Release® to help clients heal anxiety and trauma. The best feature of the techniques Charles uses is that their simple, easy, non-invasive and the effects last a lifetime.  


Release Your Anxiety and: 

  • Heal trauma

  • Increase your self esteem

  • Create new, empowering beliefs

  • Feel a greater sense of pride and confidence

  • Experience a life without triggers and fear

  • Reduce procrastination and increase motivation

  • Operate from a place of: 

    • Love 

    • Courage

    • Acceptance

    • Forgiveness

    • Compassion

    • Acceptance

    • Empathy

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