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Self Talk Engineer, Charles Woolfork is a trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and uses a plethora of strategies to shift his clients to stay in a motivated and passionate state. Charles utilizes the NLP guided meditation called Mental and Emotional Release® to help clients get rid of any thought patterns and habits that prevent them from manifesting what they desire. The best feature of the techniques Charles uses is the effects last a lifetime.  

Do YEARS of personal development and spiritual growth in MINUTES by: 

  • Get rid of fears and anxieties

  • Easily change habits

  • Turning insecurities into confidence. 

Charles helps people quickly and subconsciously eliminate: 

  • Emotional Baggage

  • Negative Self Talk

  • Limiting Beliefs

  • Emotional Triggers

  • Trauma from Past Events (PTSD)

  • Family Issues

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