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Charles Woolfork is a native of Cincinnati, Ohio. His mother did her best as a single mother. Since Charles never met his father, he grew up no confidence, low self esteem and a lack of self worth. He also grew up believing he was "good enough" and he wasn't lovable. His insecurities and limiting beliefs turned him into a people pleaser with no boundaries and a need to seek attention through his sense of humor.

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Charles grew up and played football. Throughout his teenage life, his football coaches and teachers were the father figures he always desired. Therefore, he wanted to pay it forward and become a teacher, as well. His positivity, affinity to see others succeed and hunger to serve and be a blessing fell into alignment with him becoming a teacher. He attended Union College and earned his B.A. in English and Social Studies Education. 

As everyone knows very well, teachers do not make the most money in the world. Therefore, Charles took action and became an entrepreneur. He worked with many multi-level marketing companies with no success. The companies emphasized becoming a better person and doing personal development. Charles started to reprogram his mind by reading books, doing mantras and affirmations and listening to motivational speakers. His mindset was transformed by the words and thoughts of people like Dr. Eric Thomas, Jim Rohn, Les Brown and Tony Robbins. These people inspired him to become a youth motivational speaker. 

Charles wanted to model excellence! The most inspirational speaker is Tony Robbins. Therefore, Charles looked to follow in the footsteps of Tony. Mr. Robbins is a practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) so Charles became a practitioner with Dr. Matt James and the Empowerment Partnership n 2017. This is where he learned how to become a better communicator and use multiple mindset exercises to change behaviors and habits. 

NLP was such an amazing approach to communication and personal development that Charles decided to move forward and become a master practitioner of NLP in 2018. 

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During his certification to become a master practitioner of NLP, Charles learned a special technique called Mental and Emotional Release®. This is a systematic guided meditation that helps people permanently release their negative emotions, limiting beliefs and insecurities in minutes. When Charles went through the meditation his daddy issues disappeared forever. He felt confident, a greater sense of self worth, his anxiety went away and he felt like he was good enough and lovable. He's felt the same way ever since. 

After his mindset and emotions were adjusted so quickly and effectively he dedicated his life to helping other people feel the same way. He also wanted to teach people how to do Mental and Emotional Release® on their own. Charles had to do things the right way and became a trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming and Mental and Emotional Release® in 2019. 


Now he is on a crusade to help rid the world of anxiety, depression, PTSD, limiting beliefs, negative emotions and insecurities. 

He's worked with companies such as Edward Jones and over 275 clients that have life changing experiences because of NLP and Mental and Emotional Release®. 

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