Drop Your

Baggage Podcast

Are you tired of carrying around your old emotional baggage? How much does it suck when you're triggered and snap at someone you love? Well, it's time to see how thousands of people are releasing their negative emotions, limiting belief and negative self talk. In this podcast, Charles Woolfork shows you a technique to do so in an extremely fast way. Enjoy a great conversation with real people that are dropping their baggage and picking up their power.

Drop Your Baggage #9 - Steve Serry

If you looked in the dictionary for the word rage, you would have found Steve Serry's face on that page. His anger caused him to do things like peeing on another kids toy in school to destroying property as an adult. He was ready to let go of the animosity, grudges and anger. That way he could have a better relationship with his employees, family and most of all himself. Watch as Steve lets go of anger and becomes a new man in front of your eyes.

Drop Your Baggage #8 - Veronica Natzia

Imagine manifesting everything you ever wanted and being afraid that you don't have enough. Veronica Natzia has been wildly successful and created a beautiful life. However, she had a fear that it would slip through her fingers. This fantastic Goddess was ready to let go of this scarcity consciousness and tap into the unlimited power that she holds within. Listen as Veronica drops her fear and picks up her power in an incredible way.

Drop Your Baggage #7 - Dr. Christine Marley

Five years ago, Dr. Christine Marley fell face first down a flight of steps. Since that moment, her battle with a fear of stairs tormented her. This phobia even caused her to avoid steps by moving her office and classroom. Dr. Marley also clutched every banister securely as she gingerly walked down any staircase. She was ready to let this fear go and regain the confidence to scale stairs again. Listen as Dr. Marley goes through an amazing transformation and conquers this fear forever.