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Brittany Michelle: From Job Quitter to Resin Art Queen - Learning to Let Go and Embrace Success

A great working environment and even a promotion waiting for her did not stop Brittany Michelle from quitting her high-paying job as a customer service representative. She knew she had to figure out what she wanted to do with her life.

With what was left of her money after leaving, Brittany took a leap of faith and started a business. She opened a clothing boutique, which unfortunately did not sell well. Yet, with persistence and research, Brittany learnt about resin art, gathered materials, and created pieces of art that were both stylish and useful. Unexpectedly, she received massive support for her products and gained traction. Brittany’s business took off.

With everything seemingly falling into place, Brittany had her eyes locked on success. She put all her hours into working, meeting clients’ requests, and beating processing and delivery schedules way ahead of time. She felt like she should never go wrong or say no, as by then it would mean she wasn’t good enough for other people. Brittany failed to set boundaries while chasing the appreciation and love she has been wanting to feel and receive since she was a little girl. This limiting belief eventually took a toll on her and her business.

She lost her grit, potential clients, and a good amount of money because she thought she did not deserve great things.

Brittany was keen on letting go of her limiting beliefs. In Drop Your Baggage Podcast Episode #56, Brittany travels back to the past episodes of her life that made her believe she was not good enough. With a third-person perspective, she confronted the situations in her mind without the assumption that she deserved to be treated negatively.

Her faith in her purpose and the hope that gave her strength to believe that she did not have to get stuck in the same place forever pushed Brittany to conquer her limitation. She opened her eyes to a more gentle and compassionate world. With a new outlook, she finally believed and accepted that she was enough and deserving of love and appreciation from the genuine people around her.

Now, Brittany is out and ready to inspire more people to step outside of their comfort zones, embrace opportunities as they come, and believe that everyone is destined to leave their own mark in the world.

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