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Busting the Baggage: Ashley Franklin Overcomes Self-Sabotage and Sets Boundaries for Self-Love

Through Ashley Franklin's Love.Me Podcast, people are reminded that no one is perfect, least of all Ashley herself. On her show, she talks about self-love and mental health and encourages her listeners to initiate discussions about these topics in their own communities. She is deeply committed about inspiring people to lead happier, healthier lives, and she firmly believes that self-love is the foundation of happiness.

One of the most essential things Ashley emphasizes is the importance of setting boundaries, both with others and with oneself–something that she herself has struggled with in the past.

Ashley realized that she was doing this when she noticed she was constantly feeling sorry for other people's negative emotions. She would stay in relationships that were unhealthy for her because she did not want to hurt other people’s feelings. She would say yes to things that she didn't want to do just to avoid disappointing anyone.

It was a tough realization to come to, but once she did, she knew she had to make a change. Ashley started saying no to things that didn't serve her or people who did not treat her well. Instead of continually attempting to please others, she began to consider her own needs and desires. Ashley eventually recognized that she would never be genuinely happy unless she started taking care of herself.

Despite the fact that Ashley motivates others to take care of themselves, she sometimes struggles with these things herself. When it comes to sabotaging her happiness, she can be her own worst enemy. For a long time, she kept herself from achieving great heights and reaching goals, believing she was not good enough.

In Episode #59 of the Drop Your Baggage Podcast, Ashley and Charles delve into the concept of "limiting belief"—the emotional baggage many people carry around with them that can weigh them down and prevent them from living their best lives. Ashley frankly recounts her own experiences with her limiting thought, as well as how the Mental and Emotional Release process assisted her in breaking free from this confining habit.

Ashley saw that everyone is battling their own war. Everyone carries their own baggage with them at all times. She recognizes that it is not her responsibility to pass judgment on others or to hold on to the hurt and anger they may have caused her in the past. She ultimately makes the decision to forgive and move on. She has realized that other people's baggage should not drag her down and that she is greater than the circumstances that lead her to believe she is not good enough.

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