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Chiropractic, Music, and Perfect Imperfections: How Dr. Addison Found Freedom and Flourished

Dr. Addison Bulosan is an inspiring individual. Growing up being exposed to music, he studied diligently and eventually graduated with a degree in it. Despite his success, he soon realized that he was not completely passionate about the craft. And then he encountered a period of extreme physical discomfort due to migraines, which led him to seek help from a chiropractor. After experiencing healing through chiropractic, Addison was inspired to pay it forward by becoming a chiropractor himself. Eight years later, he now owns two chiropractic clinics that help to serve his community.

Yet, despite his success, Addison has been held back by an underlying limiting belief that he is not good enough. This belief stemmed from his childhood when he felt he was undeserving of good things after breaking a new and expensive toy. This insecurity followed him into adulthood, causing him to lose out on opportunities, clients, and money.

In Episode 63 of the Drop Your Baggage Podcast, Addison takes us through his journey of self-reflection, as he overcomes this negative thought pattern and learns to unlock the potential of his mind through the Mental and Emotional Release process. Through the process, he discovers that the challenges he faced in life were not meant to hurt him, but to make him stronger. Addison found that by accepting the child within him, he is able to overcome his negative thought patterns and experience a newfound sense of freedom. He gained insight into the fact that life is not always perfect but is an ongoing process of embracing both the good and the bad.

Addison has a greater respect for life as a result of the MER, and he now realizes that by embracing his flaws and learning to accept life's challenges, he may develop even more potential inside himself. His story is both enlightening and uplifting. He is a true testament to what can be achieved when you have the courage to face your insecurities and the resilience to persevere in spite of the difficulties. It’s a powerful reminder that life is a lifelong process that we must engage in if we are to learn to appreciate our vulnerabilities and experience the genuine delight of living.

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