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Conquering the Business Jungle: Sakina's Adventure from Fear to Fierce

Sakina is a highly successful businesswoman, with a string of lucrative ventures under her belt. She had always been confident and self-assured, but as she took on more and more responsibilities, she began to feel overwhelmed. Despite her impressive achievements and ambitious nature, she admits to struggling with fear. She found herself plagued by self-doubt, second-guessing her decisions. Specifically, Sakina is worried that her social anxiety will hinder her ability to network and make connections in her field, potentially limiting her professional development.

In the Drop Your Baggage podcast, Sakina shared her struggles with this fear and how she finds it difficult to overcome it. She spoke about the negative impact that her anxiety has had on her career and how it has prevented her from welcoming opportunities for potential business growth.

Sakina knew that she needed to take action if she was going to overcome these feelings and get back on track. Rather than letting this fear consume her, Sakina has decided to take control and turn her courage into confidence. Through the Mental and Emotional Release process, she worked through her anxiety and has made an effort to put herself out there, even when it feels uncomfortable.

She began by acknowledging that it was okay to feel afraid and uncertain. She realized that these feelings were a natural part of the human experience and that everyone struggles with them at some point in their lives.

Sakina is seeing a shift in her mindset. She will no longer let fear and self-doubt hold her back and will be able to approach her work with a renewed sense of confidence and purpose. She even found that these feelings, which had once seemed like weaknesses, had actually become strengths. They had pushed her to seek help and make positive changes in her life, and she was all the better for it.

Sakina's story is a testament to the fact that even the most successful people can struggle with fear and self-doubt. But by acknowledging these feelings and taking steps to address them, it is possible to overcome them and turn them into strengths. Sakina proved that it is essential to embrace one’s fears and doubts and work on them rather than try to ignore or suppress them.

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