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Donte Drops the Mic: How Conquering Fear Helped Him Reach New Heights

He was naturally a huge hustler—from selling water in the streets to offering his classmates retail armbands he got from a wholesale store to selling his first car as a student. Donte Washington was always on the move—something he proudly got from his go-getter parents.

Donte made things work, even when he was reluctant to do them. He worked as hard at his side hustles as he did at work. He left home for college to pursue his dream of being in the creative media industry, then started his own production company with a friend. As he grew older, he learnt about entrepreneurship and wanted to "do" business; as expected, he went out there. Donte got into real estate, travelled a lot, and made the most of every chance he got.

This man always wanted to be at the top of his game. Little did he know, there had been one thing holding him back since his childhood: the fear of judgement.

His fear set him back financially, emotionally, and socially. A fearful experience when Donte was seven impacted his entire life and cost him so much.

In Episode #57 of the Drop Your Baggage Podcast, Self Talk Engineer Charles Woolfork guides Donte towards releasing this fear of judgement. By going through the Mental and Emotional Release process, Donte looks back at his actions, reactions, and emotions in the past from a third-person perspective. This allowed him to dissect what had been and what could have been had he dealt with the situation differently.

He recognized that his emotions got in the way of facing things rationally. His mental reactions kept him clinging to his fear instead of working to correct issues. With a healthier mindset, he is now focused on paying more attention to clarity and resolution rather than letting the negativity linger. His purpose and reason for setting goals and reaching heights now motivate him harder to let the fear of judgement slip away.

Donte finishes the process a changed man, with nothing in his way as he has successfully dropped his baggage. With progress constantly on his mind more than anything else, Donte is set to continually expand his horizons with more courage and wisdom. The Mental and Emotional Release allowed him to let go of old, heavy emotions and ease the pressure that was weighing him down. Now, he is ever ready to take more action without fear of judgement.

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