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Breaking the Angry Marine Mold: How Self-Awareness Helped a Recruiter Connect with Others

Josh Presley was always a high-achiever, and that drive to succeed carried over into his career as a Marine Corps recruiter. He was determined to bring in the best and brightest, and he worked tirelessly to achieve that goal. However, Josh struggled with anger management. He had always been a driven and ambitious person, but his intensity and perfectionism often led to him getting frustrated and angry when things didn't go exactly as he had planned. He found that he was having a harder time connecting with potential recruits and that his high expectations were causing tension with his colleagues.

Finally, Josh decided that enough was enough. He knew that his anger was not only hurting his relationships with others, but it was also holding him back from being the best leader he could be.

Josh decided to take control of his emotions and work on releasing his anger through the Mental and Emotional Release Process. One key aspect of the process is self-awareness. By becoming more aware of his thoughts and emotions, Josh aims to move forward by responding to situations with more patience rather than immediately reacting with anger.

This self-awareness allowed him to better understand the perspectives of others and respond to situations with more empathy and compassion. He also acknowledged that to better connect with those around him, he ought to listen and understand their perspectives without getting defensive.

As a result of his hard work and determination, Josh has been able to transform his anger into a more positive and empathetic mindset. This not only benefits him personally, but it also makes him a more effective leader who is able to effectively communicate with and inspire his team. By building stronger and more positive relationships with those around him, Josh is setting himself up for success in both his personal and professional life.

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