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Eat Well, Think Well, Be Well: How Jeremiah Lives by "Food is Medicine" and "Mind Over Matter"

Growing up, Jeremiah Eskew was surrounded by the values of health, fitness, and nutrition. His family believed in naturopathic methods and growing their own food, instilling in him the belief that "food is medicine." As he got older, he began to experiment with different lifestyle habits and foods, discovering what made him feel the most energized and healthy.

However, he also knows that everyone is different and that what works for him may not work for someone else. That's why he's passionate about helping others find their own personal rhythm when it comes to health and wellness. He's learned a lot about nutrition, anatomy, and physiology over the years, and he's always eager to learn more so he can help people in the best way possible.

Jeremiah is also a fitness enthusiast and participates in a wide range of activities, like running, crossfit, weightlifting, yoga, pilates, and more. He knows that staying active is a key part of a healthy lifestyle, and he's always up for a new challenge.

He has always been a driven person. He's achieved a lot of success in his career and is a dedicated father. But, despite all his accomplishments, he still struggled with feelings of not being good enough. These beliefs stemmed from his childhood and affected his romantic relationships, which were unsuccessful.

Thankfully, he found a way to break free from his limiting beliefs: the Mental and Emotional Release process, which helped him let go of his insecurities and embrace his self-worth. The process is designed to help people break free from the past and create a new, empowering future for themselves. He was able to identify the root cause of his insecurities and work through them in a safe and supportive environment.

The experience was transformative for Jeremiah. He emerged from the process feeling lighter and more optimistic about his future. This was a turning point for him, and it gave him a newfound confidence that he had never experienced before.

Jeremiah's new outlook on life allowed him to approach challenges in a different way. Instead of seeing them as obstacles, he saw them as opportunities for growth and learning. He realized that setbacks were a natural part of life and that they only made him stronger in the end.

Through his own experiences, Jeremiah learned the importance of taking care of both physical and mental health. He understands that mental and emotional health are just as important as physical health and that they all work together to create a well-rounded, healthy life.

Jeremiah is now passionate about helping others overcome their own limiting beliefs and reach their full potential. He knows that everyone has the capacity for growth and change, and he's committed to supporting people on their own journey towards better health, both inside and out.

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