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From Girl Boss to Fear Slayer: Veronica Discovers Her Limitless Power

Veronica Natzia is the definition of a girl boss—she knows what she wants, pursues it, and makes it happen. She landed her dream job at a large company at the age of just 21, and she quickly rose to the top of her field. She now guides businesses to success and gives back by coaching women so they can develop the self-assurance, independence, and power they need to pursue their own ambitions.

Veronica is a mother of two, and her kids are her greatest strength. They have not only been her source of inspiration but also her motivation to strive for better, not just for herself, but for her family as well. Being a mother has helped her develop a strong sense of responsibility and multi-tasking skills, which have been instrumental in her success as a career woman. She understands the importance of balancing her time and has been able to prioritize her responsibilities effectively. Her kids have given her a new perspective on life and have helped her to be more patient and understanding. She proves that motherhood and career can coexist in harmony.

Her life seemed perfect on the surface. She had a successful career, a loving family, and all the abundance one could ask for. But despite all her achievements, she struggled with a deep-seated fear of scarcity. She was constantly worried about not having enough, and the thought of all the abundance in her life coming to an end haunted her.

For a long time, she tried to ignore this fear and push it away. Until she realized that this fear was holding her back from truly enjoying her life and reaching her full potential. She knew that she needed to face her fear head-on and let go of it in order to move forward. In the Drop Your Baggage Podcast, Veronica drops her fear and taps into the limitless power she possesses.

Through her self-discovery, she comes to the realization that there really isn't anything to worry about. She accepts that she has more than enough to provide for her family and that her abundance is nowhere near coming to an end. Through her journey, Veronica learns to trust in her own abilities and strengths. She understands that her persistence and hard work will always allow her to provide for her family and that she has the power to create the life she wants for herself and her children.

Veronica shows that it's possible to have it all and be successful in both your personal and professional lives. She has not only achieved her professional goals, but she has also been a wonderful mother to her children. By being a role model to other mothers, she has proven that with the right attitude, mindset, and support, it's possible to excel in both areas.

She manifests that we all have the power within us to overcome our fears and achieve our dreams. By dropping her baggage and focusing on her strengths, she was able to unlock her full potential and live the life she truly desired. Her journey serves as an inspiration to others who may be struggling with similar fears and insecurities.

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