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Jojopahmaria Nsoroma: Master of Mindset and Champion of Change

Jojopahmaria Nsoroma is a true visionary and a beacon of hope for those who seek wisdom and transformation. As the owner and steward of Higher Expectations Consulting Collaborative, she has dedicated her life to sharing her unique insights and ancient wisdom with others in order to help them achieve self-mastery and live a more fulfilling life.

One of the things that sets Jojopah apart from others in her field is her ability to connect seemingly disparate pieces of information and experiences in a way that is both coherent and useful for others. Her warm and calming demeanor and her ability to navigate difficult topics such as race and gender inequality with grace and skill make her a sought-after speaker and mentor.

As an educator, program administrator, and evaluator, Jojopah is committed to using her expertise to help others heal and grow. She is also a modern-day shaman who uses ancient indigenous wisdom to benefit communities and organizations. Her tireless advocacy for healing those who have been victims of violence and abuse, as well as those who have perpetrated these behaviors, is a testament to her deep commitment to justice and equity.

A strong proponent of inclusion and diversity, Jojopah recognizes that these values are essential for both organizational and community wellness. She believes that humanity has the potential to become the most loving species in the universe, and she works tirelessly to contribute to the transformation and evolution of the human services profession by sharing creative and innovative ideas and information.

Despite all of her impressive achievements, Jojopah admits she is quietly facing struggles deep within her. As she has grown older, she has been faced with physical changes and limitations that have caused her considerable anxiety and uncertainty about what the future may hold. This has left her feeling increasingly worried and unsure about how to move forward, struggling to find a way to balance her fears with her desire to live a fulfilling and meaningful life.

In particular, Jojopah has found herself spending more and more time consumed by her worries, rather than enjoying the present moment and all that life has to offer. This has been a source of frustration and disappointment for her, as she has always been someone who is deeply committed to making the most out of every opportunity that comes her way. She has been held back by a fear of the unknown, which has left her feeling unsure about how to navigate the challenges that lie ahead.

Jojopah's remarkable transformation has been made possible by the powerful Mental and Emotional Release process, which has helped her to release the deep-seated fears and anxieties that had been holding her back for so long. With the guidance and support of this process, she has been able to fully embrace the richness and fullness of her life, letting go of her worries and doubts and stepping confidently into the future.

By letting go of her fears, Jojopah has discovered a newfound sense of vitality and energy that she carries with her every day. She has embraced the idea that life is meant to be celebrated and that every moment is an opportunity to learn and grow and to connect with others.

Jojopah has remained steadfast in her commitment to her sacred contract with her ancestors. She has drawn strength from her faith and her deep connection to the wisdom of the ancient indigenous traditions that she has dedicated her life to studying and sharing with others. And through her unwavering determination and her willingness to face her fears head-on, she has emerged stronger and more resilient than ever before, ready to embrace all that life has to offer and to continue making a positive impact on the world around her.

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