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Negotiating with Abundance: Kara Robinson's Financial Freedom Story

Kara Robinson is a pioneering force in the field of negotiation training, coaching, and skills development. She established Mission Is Possible, LLC, with the objective of enabling mid-career and emerging executive women leaders to reach their full potential. With nearly ten years of experience in leadership, personnel administration, and program management, Kara possesses a vast store of knowledge that she eagerly imparts to her clients. Her vision and expertise make her an invaluable asset to anyone seeking to improve their leadership skills and achieve their goals.

Kara's enthusiasm for her profession is reflected in the outcomes she delivers to her clients. She guides individuals and organizations in uncovering their life's purpose, strengthening leadership abilities, and utilizing the art of negotiation through a combination of theoretical knowledge and hands-on practices. With Kara's expert mentorship, her clients can confidently take decisive steps towards realizing their aspirations.

Growing up in poverty left a lasting impression on Kara and she made a vow to herself to never face financial struggles again. The experience shaped her perception of money and its significance in life. However, this fear of scarcity is not unique to her, as many people struggle with the worry of not having enough resources. The anxiety of financial insecurity can be a heavy burden, and it can be challenging to shake off the fear of not having enough to meet one's needs.

Undergoing the Mental and Emotional Release process played a crucial role in Kara's journey to financial confidence. This process allowed her to shed her fear of scarcity, and embrace the abundance that exists in her life. By letting go of limiting beliefs and negative emotions, Kara was able to cultivate a mindset of abundance and prosperity.

This shift in her thinking allowed her to appreciate the wealth of opportunities that surrounded her and to manifest her desires. She now inspires others to overcome their own fears and insecurities and tap into their full potential for abundance and prosperity. Through her work, Kara empowers individuals to lead fulfilling and abundant lives, free from the constraints of fear and scarcity.

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