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Raging No More: Steve Serry Embraces Emotional Intelligence

Known for his intense rage, Steve Serry has struggled with expressing his emotions in healthy ways, resulting in destructive behaviors such as harshly getting back at a bully in school and damaging his own property as an adult. Despite these outwardly aggressive behaviors, Steve's anger originates from deeper emotional issues that he has yet to address. At times, he had the inability to recognize and process his own emotions, as well as a lack of understanding around how to address difficult situations in an appropriate manner, which led to his uncontrollable rage.

Despite trying various self-development practices, Steve realized that he needed to do more to improve himself and release his baggage. He needed to let go of the animosity, grudges, and anger that had been holding him back in order to have better relationships with his employees, family, and most importantly, himself. Steve was determined to find a way to express himself that wasn't destructive. In the Drop Your Baggage Podcast, Steve lets go of anger and becomes a new man.

Through the Mental and Emotional Release process, Steve learned the importance of understanding, forgiveness, and proper communication in managing his emotions towards others and their mistakes. He discovered that these key elements are essential to managing his rage and becoming a better person. Through a process of reflection and self-discovery, Steve eventually let go of his negative feelings to enjoy healthier relationships with those around him.

As Steve continues on his journey of self-improvement, he serves as an inspiration to others who may be struggling with similar issues. His candid and honest approach in the podcast shows that it is never too late to let go of your baggage and become a better version of yourself. By embracing the idea that it is possible to heal from hurt and pain, Steve has set an example for others who are looking for a positive way to navigate their difficult emotions and strive towards a life filled with meaningful relationships and greater happiness.

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