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Riyahd Jones: How He Tamed Shame To Fame

Riyahd Jones is an ambitious and successful entrepreneur, husband, father, and follower of Christ. At the young age of 28, he has achieved incredible success through his marketing organization, which has grown to over 4,000 members. This impressive accomplishment is a testament to Riyahd's dedication and hard work. In 2020, Riyahd founded The Commission movement, which seeks to bring people together to do life together, grow in faith, and learn more about Jesus. This movement reflects Riyahd's strong belief in the importance of community and spiritual growth.

Despite his many accomplishments, Riyahd experienced immense shame in his early life. As a child, he was bullied in first grade and felt the impact of this traumatic experience for many years afterwards. In order to work through his pain, Riyahd went through the Mental and Emotional Release process with the help of Charles. This process allowed Riyahd to revisit his past and take a different perspective, forgiving the people who caused him pain and comforting his inner child. This journey of healing allowed Riyahd to let go of the heavy burden of shame he had been carrying for so long and changed his self-perception forever.

The story of Riyahd Jones is an inspiration and a reminder that even in the face of pain and trauma, we can overcome and find healing. His journey of self-discovery and forgiveness is a testament to the power of resilience and the strength of the human mind and spirit. Through his story, Riyahd has shown us that it is possible to look beyond our past, find peace, and reclaim our joy.

Riyahd has also shown us that we can still make a difference in the world and have an impact, even when we are facing our own struggles. By founding The Commission movement, Riyahd is taking steps to create a global community of faith and fellowship to support people in their journeys of entrepreneurship, growth, and healing. Through his example, he is showing that no matter what our pasts may look like, we can still make a positive contribution to the world.

Riyahd Jones is a shining example of courage and resilience. His story is a reminder that, no matter how difficult our circumstances may be, we can still find healing, peace, and joy. We can also make a positive impact on the world and create a legacy of faith and fellowship. Riyahd has shown us that anything is possible and that we can overcome any obstacle and thrive.

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