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Ultimate Anxiety Cure Program 

For the next 3 months Charles will help you: 

  • Feel more liberated and energized 

  • Maximize your self esteem and self love

  • Easily connect with yourself and others with empathy, compassion and love 

  • Approach life’s events with confidence and curiosity

  • Effortlessly heal mental, emotional and spiritual wounds through proven practices

Weekly One-On-One Coaching

You and Charles will have weekly 1 Hour Zoom calls where
he will use his NLP/Hypnotherapy skills and techniques to: 

- Observe
 your language patterns and identify the beliefs that are preventing you from reaching your highest potential
 - Help you become aware of the emotional baggage of yourself and others
Permanently release old thought patterns, beliefs and habits that aren't serving you
- Rewire and reframe your mindset to optimize your capabilities and consciousness
- Program
 your subconscious mind to master your life
- Audit your energetic relationships with 
your community and environments

3 Weekly Group Meditations

Screen Shot 2023-05-18 at 1.13.43 PM.png

Charles does the talking and 
the community does the walking!

Charles' most powerful and prolific technique is called Mental and Emotional  Release®.  This guided meditation will help you let go of the most traumatic things that happened to you in your past. There is a meditation 3 days a week to release individual negative emotions such as: 
- Anger
- Sadness 
- Fear

- Hurt / Disappointment 
- G
- Shame

- Envy

Lifetime Access To the
Drop Your Baggage
Online Course

Screen Shot 2023-05-18 at 1.56.34 PM.png

Unlimited Access to a Virtual Coach!

Lifetime access to over 9 hours of deep content and techniques to reprogram your mindset. Go through guided meditations and Neurolinguistic Programming exercises on your own including:
- Mental and Emotional Release Process
- Swish Patterns
- A Special Anxiety Me
- Visual Kinesthetic Dissociation

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